Customer Service

la-clark-2213aAt LA Clark, we aim to provide our customers with the ultimate service in civil engineering. We go the extra mile to unsure a job is completed to the highest of standards, and aim to complete any job with minimal disruptions to regular routines.

Our highly trained workforce will always be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding your project, and will always aim to complete any projects ahead of scedule and at the agreed cost.

We also have our quality objectives, which we follow to ensure that you get a complete and comphensive service when you choose LA Clark for any of your civil engineering needs. Our quality objectives are as follows:

  • To aim to deliver our services to specification, on time, and at the quoted price.
  • To conduct our business in a professional manner.
  • To endeavour to fulfil any contract correctly first time.
  • In the unlikely event that a mistake should occur, correct it swiftly.

LA Clark is also a IS0 9001 registered company.

Health & Safety

la-clark-2246aAt LA Clark, we are committed to providing the highest levels of health and safety to both are workers and the general public, on any job which we are commissioned. We always fully risk assess all sites we will be working at, using a qualified Health and Safety Executive, to ensure that any job we undertake can be fulfilled in both a safe and efficient manner.

We also employ Safety Consultants to further ensure that any job we are commissioned is undertaken in a safe and secure manner. The safety consultant will also carry out site inspections along with site managers and supervisors, to ensure that all health and safety protocols are being met.

All of our workers are also fully trained for any jobs of which they may be required to do. Our training programme for our workers consists of: Correct machine usage, health and safety awareness, and much more.

We use the latest in traffic management software, Cone9, for all of our jobs where temporary traffic management is required. For information on Cone9, click here.


la-clark-4202aLooking after the environment is very important to us at LA Clark. We always use sustainable resources wherever possible, and have an active policy on recycling as much waste as possible. 

We currently recycle around 90% of our waste resources, including kerbs, tarmac, sand and slabs. We aim to increase this amount in time, as more recycling possibilities become available.

In instances where recycling is not available, we always take our waste to approved and registered landfill sites.

About Us

Founded in 1993, Lee Clark Civil Engineering LTD (LA Clark) provide services in excavation, duct laying and reinstatement teams for the installation of electrical service cables.

Operating from St. George, Bristol, LA Clark is in a prime location to service any and all utility companies in Bristol and its surrounding areas. We are always willing to take on any job, no matter how big or small. A full list of the services that we offer to all of our clients is available here.


We have a professional and fully trained workforce, and we continue to expand and diversify our areas of operation.

Clients of LA Clark include: McNicholas Construction Ltd, McNicholas Plc, Western Power Distribution, Kelly Communications, Carillion Telent and Sir Robert McAlpine, along with many locally based construction and building companies. We are proud to supply all of our clients with the tools and services they need.

We aim to satisfy and exceed all of your requirements, offering a complete and professional service to all of our clients in both the public and private sector. To enquire about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a set list of quality objectives that we adhere to: To aim to deliver our services to specification, on time, and at the quoted price; To conduct our business in a professional manner; To endeavour to fulfil any contract correctly first time; In the unlikely event that a mistake should occur, correct it swiftly.

We aim to complete all of our undertaken works as quickly as possible, with minimal disruptions to regular routines, and without compromising health and safety in any way. We use the latest technology to plan and carry out our works, ensuring our finished works are of the highest standard possible.

Accreditations and Our Partners